A culinary revolution was set in motion with the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Through them, the indigenous people of Mexico and Latin America, including the Aztecs, Mayans and the Incas, would be introduced to foods such as rice, chicken, beef, onions, garlic, and wine. Incorporating these ingredients into the traditional Latin & Mexican pantries of chocolate, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and vanilla, resulted in the cuisine we know today as South American & Mexican, a diverse mix of bright flavors and appealing textures with an undeniable penchant for occasional spicy heat.

Warique offers a delicious and irresistible mix of traditional Latin & Mexican aromas, taste sensations, and flavors with a gentle twist to delight, surprise and amuse your palate. We are dedicated to bringing the best cuisine, superb sweets, ripe fruits and vegetables, thirst quenching cold beer, smooth margaritas, life entertainment and exquisite freshly brewed coffee in Puerto Vallarta.

At Warique we only exploit garden-fresh and organic ingredients from local farmers and growers, and highly purified water in order to maintain our very high standards of spectacular flavors, top quality, unforgettably vivid visuals, and an outstanding freshness.

Warique is inspired by the everyday family cooking that we grew up with, you’ll feel at home while savoring a great delicacies in our comfortable dining room, bar, and relaxed outdoor patio or balcony, with a rustic ambiance in design. With frequent art shows, live music, entertainment performances and showcases, we are the venue experience for you.

We invite you to visit Warique and experience our inventive dishes, life entertainment, and attentive service, warm and friendly atmosphere; come see what makes us the most flavorsome, creative, artistic and admired venue in town.

Tout dé Cake

!Buen provecho¡

  • “Life is too short for an average meal ... ¡Each dish should be prepared with a pinch of love!”

    Warique Family.


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---- APPETIZERS ----

  • Mexican chilled potato & Leek Soup

    Comforting delectable and full of flavor soup made with potato -6 leek, chicken broth, parsley, sour cream and lots & lots of love served chilled with a splash of olive oil a top.

  • Chilled Avocado & Cucumber Soup

    It's the perfect Guatemalan way to soothe your soul & get you reenergized for the rest of your day! Made with smooth & ripe avocados, juicy cucumbers, fresh cilantro, lime juice & a tiny kiss of jalapeño - just to taste

  • Causa Stuffed with Chicken Salad

    The tantalizing layered Peruvian potato dish, Causa, is made with velvety mashed potatoes infused with yellow peppers, creamy avocados, tender cooked chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, onions, pickled black olives & fresh parsley for an amazing combination of flavors.

  • Meat Stuffed Potato Balls

    A Cuban classic, these satisfying & mouth-watering, crispy-coated & pillow soft inside mashed potato balls filled with a savory & juicy center of beef mixture known as picadillo, served with our house salsa. Simply yummy & irresistible

  • Warique Salad

    From Belize with love… Our favorite salad ever! Sublime salad made with fresh veggies and fruits - baby spinach, crispy lettuce, ripe mango, white grapes, juicy apple, roasted walnuts, and roasted dried cranberries with crunchy croutons. A truly heavenly & delicious salad!

  • Steak Arrachera Tostaditas

    Seared and spiced to perfection tender Arrachera steak, grilled veggies and other yummy toppings piled onto crispy tostada shell - so brittle that it cracks audibly when you press it with a fork.

  • Warique Pupusa

    Delightful snack from the streets of El Salvador! Hand-made griddled corn biscuit-like flat bread with a savory meat and cheese filling, with a juicy and zesty red cabbage salad - curtido, served with made from scratch slightly spicy tomato salsa.

---- MAIN COURSES ----

  • / Inca Chicken Mélange

    Hearty fusion of Spanish & Quechua ingredients, a relative of the chicken in Inca times called huallpa, was a part of their diet. Yummy shredded chicken breast blended with delicate orange bell pepper cream, accompanied by nutty quinoa and delicious veggie salad - beets, carrots, peas and corn!

  • Fresh Fish Ceviche

    Peruvian dish that’s like no other, reflecting the coastal cuisine and its influences. Immersed delicate red snapper in aromatic citrus juices and secret family spices. Served with sweet & white potatoes, and plantain chips.

  • Ropa Vieja

    Rustic & humble Cuban dish so perfectly tells the story of the country’s culinary and cultural evolution over the last half-century. Slow-cooked juicy shredded pork with fragrant green olives, green & red bell peppers, onions, ripe tomatoes, garlic and cumin. Served with white rice and a bean & sweet plantain casserole.

  • / Andean Quínoa Causa

    Tantalizing layered dish, made with nutty Peruvian quinoa, sweet mangos, smooth avocados and velvety raspberry salsa for an amazing combination of flavors, colors and textures. Served with rolls of pulverized creamy beets, carrots and potatoes. From presentation to its flavors, this dish is just amazing!

  • Avocado Warique with Shrimp

    Mexico’s creamy and flavorful avocado that just melts in your mouth! Seared plump shrimp with veggie salad nestled on top of fresh avocado halves. Salad is made with garden fresh and locally grown cooked veggies, sprinkled with freshly squeezed lime juice and a special secret sauce.

  • Rice with Roasted Chicken

    Arroz con pollo is a staple & pride dish in every Colombian household. This perfect Latin comfort food is prepared with fork tender roasted chicken breast atop of spinach-rice & served with a divine salad - shredded carrots, apple, pineapple, raisins & cinnamon honey dressing.

  • Roasted Potatoes with Meat

    Our grandma’s favorite dish! A wild array of bold flavors, where Europe meets Latin America. Very slowly roasted to perfection potatoes with sweet carrots, white onions, beets, tender authentic Argentinian sausage, aromatic smoked bacon & loads & loads of fresh parsley.

  • Steak Arrachera

    Arrachera steak is a savory Mexican specialty that may have originated with vaqueros driving their herds to south Texas in the 1930’s. Made from tender and juicy skirt steak, that undergoes a very lengthy marination process in a concoction that includes citrus juices, garlic, chiles, onions and secret family spices and herbs. Served with flavorful pulverized mashed potatoes, grilled seasonal veggie medley, grilled pineapple slice & chimichurri sauce.

  • Blackened Red Snapper

    Fresh red snapper is a very delicious, delicate, mild flavored and super flaky fish. We cover it generously in our homemade spice rub and blacken it to perfection. Served with steamed white rice, avocado sauce, delicious red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, radishes, coconut, pecans slaw and our special delicate citrus dressing.

  • Shrimp Mofongo

    You can't walk into a self-respecting Puerto Rican restaurant and not find Mofongo on its menu. It’s essentially an enchanting mashed cup of creamy fried plantains with salt, garlic and olive oil, than topped with delectable, gently sautéed in coconut sauce plump shrimp.

---- DESSERTS ----

  • Warique Torte

    Our mom makes this torte for very special occasions, as she describes it: “A piece of heaven in your mouth”. Super moist, fluffy & rich coconut, walnut & sponge cake & drizzled with rum punch & layers of yummy European buttercream filling.

  • Sweet Plantain Casserole

    This Nicaraguan dessert is so impossibly delicious! Ultra-ripe, caramelized sweet plantains with crema, cotija cheese & cinnamon. The maduros practically will melt in your mouth. You'll see.

  • Chilean Chocolate Cake

    If you're a chocolate lover, you won't be able to resist our rich & most amazing chocolate cake ever! Loaded with smooth chocolate from Oaxaca, espresso, cinnamon & cayenne pepper. So, are you a serious chocolate lover?

  • Ultimate Cheese Flan

    We’ll be very forthright & tell you that this cake is quite the guilty pleasure. Very traditional Mexican flan custard made with farm-fresh frothy farmer’s cheese custard & a decadent & beautiful amber layer of homemade caramel sauce.